720lu91区涩块- What’s your marketing goal?

华人自拍精选- In every category – from apparel to auto, and from sports to consumer goods – businesses are looking for new ways to win the hearts and minds of their audiences and drive business results. See which ad solutions can help you get the results you’re looking for.


99re5.久久热最新地址-Build awareness and ad recall

Capture the attention of new potential customers and keep your brand top of mind with existing ones.

老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Success Stories

See how other brands drove awareness and recall by running ads on YouTube.

Make Up For Ever drove a 44% lift in ad recall by identifying key consumer insights.


720lu91区涩块-Grow consideration and interest

Influence potential customers in the opinion-shaping moments when they’re most receptive to your message.

Yoplait used culturally relevant POV advertising to market their products to moms.


华人自拍精选-Drive action

Reach potential customers in decision-making moments, and make it easier for them to take meaningful actions that you can measure.

99re5.久久热最新地址-SUCCESS STORIES

See how other brands drove action by running ads on YouTube.

Overstock used online video to drive an 80% increase in conversion rate and 3x return on ad spend.

99re5.久久热最新地址-creative tips and tools

720lu91区涩块-The ABCDs of effective creative

                                                                  1. Smart creative concepts make for compelling and effective videos. Use these proven approaches to help your ads deliver on your marketing goals.

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                                                                    720lu91区涩块-Draw attention from the start.


                                                                  2. 老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Integrate your brand authentically and meaningfully.


                                                                    老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Connect with the viewer through emotion and storytelling.


                                                                    99re5.久久热最新地址-Clearly state what you want the viewer to do.


                                                                    99re5.久久热最新地址-Explore the latest research and trends in video advertising

                                                                    • 2019华人精品自拍-Research

                                                                  3. 720lu91区涩块-Experiments

                                                                    • 99re5.久久热最新地址-Getting creative with 6-second ads: Forget the cutdown – think sequence instead.

                                                                    • 华人自拍精选-See how Clinique repurposed print ads into effective bumper ads.

                                                                    • 720lu91区涩块-Can the same creative be effective on TV and online?

                                                                  4. 老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Perspectives

                                                                    • 老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Looking to win the battle for consumer attention? Take the blindfold off.

                                                                    • 99re5.久久热最新地址-Marketing leaders weigh in on how to win on mobile.

                                                                    • 老司机福利进qin12.xyz-It’s time for search engine marketers to become video marketers.

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