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  • 99re5.久久热最新地址-Quickly find the stats and videos you’re looking for, along with guidelines for crediting and broadcasting them.

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                                    2019华人精品自拍- Me at the Zoo

                                    2019华人精品自拍-The very first video on YouTube, uploaded April 23, 2005.

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                                    99re5.久久热最新地址- A Message from Chad & Steve

                                    99re5.久久热最新地址-The founders of YouTube talk about the Google acquisition.

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                                    老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Our official channel for all the latest from YouTube.

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                                    99re5.久久热最新地址-Non-commercial use of YouTube videos in the press

                                    720lu91区涩块-Ownership and credit

                                    720lu91区涩块-YouTube channel owners control the rights to the content displayed on the site. We encourage you to reach out to them directly if you find a video you'd like to display and/or reference. When displaying a YouTube video in a broadcast or webcast, please provide both in-screen and verbal attribution by showing the username or real name of the applicable content owner.

                                    99re5.久久热最新地址-Contacting a YouTube channel owner

                                    老司机福利进qin12.xyz-Clicking on a YouTube username will take you to the main page of the user's channel. From there, you can use YouTube's on-site messaging system to contact the channel owner as long as you are logged into your own Google account. Simply click on the “About” tab, then select “Send Message” and fill out the electronic form.

                                    720lu91区涩块-What’s happening at YouTube

                                    For any additional press inquiries, contact press@google.com

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